CDMA iPhone 4 (for Verizon?) to come in Q4

Earlier this month, when Apple announced the new iPhone 4, Steve Jobs said nothing about planning to make a CDMA version of the smartphone. And yet rumors about this have started, again, to appear.

According to DigiTimes (which is sometimes right and other times wrong), CDMA iPhone 4s (made by Pegatron) will be shipped to Apple starting the fourth quarter of 2010. And what will Apple do with CDMA iPhones? Most likely, it will sell them via Verizon – we’ve heard about a possible Apple-Verizon deal many times until now.

If Verizon will indeed have the iPhone 4 in Q4, this could seriously hurt Motorola and HTC, as many customers may want to choose Apple’s smartphone instead of their Droids.

There are also rumors that Verizon is testing CDMA iPads, so things can certainly get very interesting later this year.

Apple has already secured more than 600,000 iPhone 4 pre-orders, despite lots of problems appeared during the first pre-order day.

Author: Florin

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