Sprint HTC EVO 4G coming in white via Best Buy

In the improbable case you don’t like the black HTC EVO 4G that Sprint’s currently selling, maybe a white one would get your attention. Yes, a white HTC EVO 4G is (apparently) coming to Best Buy, where customers will be able to buy it starting July 11. Sprint retail stores should also get it, but only starting August 8.

The new EVO 4G is not all white – only its back case has changed its color, but that’s still a change, right?

Engadget is reporting that you can pre-order the white EVO 4G starting today at Best Buy. The price is likely similar to the one of the black edition ($199.99 with a 2-yr Sprint contract).

Since the EVO 4G will certainly be updated to Android 2.2 Froyo soon, it would be really nice if the white version would have Froyo on it from the start. And you know what else would be nice? A white HTC Droid Incredible from Verizon.

Author: Florin

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  • samiup

    cool :)

  • The Admiral

    This phone is out of this world. I never thought I would opt for another phone in place of the iphone. Well I was wrong, the Evo 4G is miles ahead of the iphone. For one the new iPhone is not a 4G phone. Its video conferencing is limited to other iphones using Wifi only and it can't be used for wireless tethering. The Evo has an 8 mega pixel camer with dual flash and allows HDMI output. It supports Adobe Flash and soon will have Java.

    As a gadget addict I have to have the best and I don't get carried away with names or brands, what moves me is technology. The iPhone had me for 3 years because they had the best technology but that has changed with the Sprint's 4G and Google's Android 2.1 & 2.2.

    Another reason I moved away form Apple centric devices is their need to control the consumer, which is counter to my American essence. I need freedom of choice, I need to be able to choose my own carrier and I don't like Apple telling us what we can and can't have on our phones. When they had superior technology I had no options but thanks to Google we have been given options, Apples dictatorship or Googles plurality. Democracies always trump Dictatorships over time.

  • Pantech Phones

    Theyre still saying that it sold as much as the other two phones put together….Pantech Phones