ARM-based Nokia tablet to come in the fourth quarter?

Apple has a tablet, Samsung has a tablet, Dell has a tablet, and Google might have one, too. Who’s next? We don’t know for sure, but it might be Nokia. Of course, Nokia has had internet tablets (N800, N810) for some time now, but those aren’t really tablets – not by today’s standards.

So now a senior analyst at Digitimes Research claims to have talked with “upstream component makers”, and it looks like Nokia’s readying a 7- or 9-inch tablet that could be launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

Reportedly, about 100 engineering samples – manufactured by Foxconn – are ready for testing.

The tablet should be ARM-based, likely running MeeGo. ARM devices officially support MeeGo, and Nokia N900 (which uses an ARM processor) can already run the hybrid OS, so the existence of an ARM-based MeeGo tablet from Nokia is certainly a possibility. At the same time, the tablet might run Windows 7.

It’s said that, like in the case of the Booklet 3G, Nokia will work with its carrier partners to distribute the upcoming tablet. Nokia has partnerships all over the world, thanks to the vast distribution of its phones and smartphones, so it should be rather easy for the Finnish company to sell tablets, too. Now let’s wait and see if it will do it this year or not (because I’m sure it will eventually do it).

Author: Florin

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