iPhone 4 launch day craze: AT&T sold out, Orange FR has 20K units on 600K demand, O2 limits sales to current customers

If you really truly want to get your own iPhone 4 on day one, and haven’t pre-ordered it yet, be ready to spend some real quality time waiting in line.

Just don’t go to your local AT&T store, to get one. AT&T has just announced that they won’t have any iPhone 4s for walk-in sales until June 29th. Those lucky chaps, who were able to get their pre-orders through last week, should get their new shiny handset as promised.

Your best bet to get your hands on iPhone 4 on Thursday, is the local Apple store. Then, as you probably know, some iPhone 4s should find their way to local Best Buy and Walmart branches. The lines will probably be shorter there, but the supplies will be smaller too.

And some iPhone 4 launch day info, for  those countries that were promised iPhone 4 for June 24th. If you haven’t pre-ordered your iPhone 4 yet,  don’t get your hopes up for getting one on Thursday. We are getting hints that international iPhone 4 demand is  huge, and supplies are even more limited.

E.g., blaming short supplies, U.K.’s O2 will sell the new iPhone only to existing customers until the end of July.

Now, reports coming in from France, tell us that Orange has received a shipment of only 20 000 French iPhone 4s, while 600 000 customers expressed interest  in getting one. According to another French source, Orange will be limiting iPhone 4 supplies to  only 10 units per store in France. And I’m sure no other international operator is doing any better.

All-in-all, if you think you know what to expect from an Apple product launch day craze from previous iPhone or iPad launches, you haven’t seen anything yet. The way things are shaping up, June 24th iPhone 4  launch day mania will dwarf anything we have ever seen before. Worldwide.

Author: Julien

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