Motorola Droid X Twitter campaign might bring you a new Droid ahead of launch

Verizon and Motorola will probably officially announce the Droid X tomorrow, when details about its availability and price are likely to be unveiled.

Expected to be released sometime in July, the Motorola Droid X might be yours before it hits the markets.

How? I’m not sure yet, but this new Droid X Twitter campaign suggests that, if you follow @DroidLanding, you may, indeed, have a new Droid before Verizon actually launches it.

Motorola is tweeting some sort of clues / riddles, so if you want a Droid X as fast as possible, you should try and decipher them.

The Droid X and the Droid 2 are part of Verizon’s new series of high-end Android smartphones, launched as iPhone 4 rivals. Of course, Verizon may get the new iPhone, too, but this won’t happen until the fourth quarter of the year, so it needs to offer some new awesome handsets as soon as possible (the new Droids will likely do a good job in keeping customers from flocking to AT&T because of the iPhone).

Author: Florin

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