Nokia promises Meego for Handsets (pre-Alpha) release on June 30th

Since Nokia merged it’s Maemo mobile OS with Intel’s  Mobilin, I was a bit worried how that will affect the development of Nokia’s  next generation OS for mobile devices.

I”m still worried, and the time it took Nokia to release 1.2 Maemo 5 firmaware update for Nokia N900, did not make me any happier. But the developments on the Meego front seem to be progressing at a more brisk pace, with software developers hitting most of the promised milestones.

We already have an early Meego for notebooks out in the wild, which is very raw, but looks promising. Now Nokia confirms that we will be seeing pre-Alpha release of Meego for handsets on June 30, with fully productized version hitting the streets in October.  So actual handsets should not be far behind.

Fiercedeveloper is quoting Valtteri Halla, director of Meego software at Nokia, saying this about Meego for handsets June 30th release :

“It’s what we call Day One for the MeeGo handset release,” Halla explained. “The productized release of the software is still (set for release in) October of this year, but this is a kind of pre-Alpha release.”

Pre-Alpha, or not, I’m sure that the first release of Meego for handsets will make it on to N900, as soon as the code is publicly available.

So we can expect to see at least some hints of what Nokia was able to achieve with the UI/UX for it’s next gen devices in about 10 days.

Author: Julien

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  • JCAnez

    Lets really hope Meego to be available on the N900. This would help people that bought the device and felt concerned by the change on developments.

  • Chris

    Interesting times ahead. Maybe MeeGo on the N900 will keep us entertained until we get our hands on the “Maemo6” device.