Walmart starts stocking iPhone 4

Apple’s iPhone 4 will be launched in the US and a few other markets on June 24 (this Thursday). If you’re wondering where in the US you will be able to find it besides AT&T and Apple stores, one of the answers includes Walmart.

According to Engadget, the American retailer has already received some iPhone 4 units.

The photo below, showing an iPhone 4 box, was allegedly taken in a Walmart store. And, although Verizon might get the new iPhone later this year, that box seen in the back, with CDMA written on it, has nothing to do with Apple’s smartphone (it packs LG C290C phones).

Earlier this month, Apple announced that more than 600,000 iPhone 4s were preordered in the first day. Since then, he number of preorders has most likely surpassed 1 million. Now we can only hope that the first launch day won’t be as messy as the first pre-order day.

Author: Florin

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  • Merne

    Walmart starts stocking iPhone. Nope, I went on the opening morning and each store was only given one of the new IPhones. I was so, so disappointed in Wal-Mart.

    I have always had Wal-Mart in such high esteem and I saw all internet news about the new Iphone 4 being at my favorite store. Only 1 at each store and no idea if or when more will come. So sad, Merne Kelley