Apple screwed up – white iPhone 4 delayed; retina display has problems

Apple has officially announced that white iPhone 4 units will not be available until the second half of next month (July). The reason for this? Apple says that white models are “more challenging to manufacture than expected,” without providing specific details.

We have no choice than to believe that this is the real reason why white iPhone 4s are delayed. But I really don’t get one thing:

I may be wrong, but I think the iPhone 4 was in development since last year. Lots of capable people have probably worked on its design, features and everything else, for months, to make sure everything’s perfect – after all, we’re talking about Apple here, the world’s biggest tech company, and the world’s most admired company.

So why the hell did Apple only now realize that white iPhone 4s are not that easy to make? Didn’t they already manufacture sample units before announcing the new smartphone? Yes, I do realize that making sample units is a totally different story from mass producing units, but still: Apple should have known it can’t make white iPhone 4s before the official announcement. Something surely went wrong here – unfortunately, I can’t tell what exactly.

Another thing that seems to have went wrong is related to the retina display – which, according to Steve Jobs, is “better than AMOLED.” It may be better, but AMOLED displays don’t get yellowish spots and lines, do they?

There are lots of reports about this, with photos included, proving that some (not all, of course) iPhone 4 screens sometime display yellow spots / bars. This may be related to the heat the new smartphone is producing, but it’s not clear if this is indeed the explanation. In any case, it looks like this year’s iPhone launch comes with more problems than ever. But that still doesn’t stop fans from camping outside Apple stores to buy the new handset (only the black version, of course) – it’s launch day today, by the way, and I’m sure Apple will soon announce it sold a record number of new iPhones in the first days.

Author: Florin

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  • B0bjones

    good article, apple f'd up and were caught up in their web of recent success…it is startling how they completely abandoned more than half of their customers with poor organization and cover-ups…they rushed this product messed up and are unwilling to admit it…i.e. more challenging to produce–WTF

  • Tristan Thomas

    This may be a tough one for Apple to fix. Its not like this is some sort of glitch or software issue, its hardware. I mean we all know that Apple has great costumer service but just how far does that extend.

    If you want to understand the full extent of the hard ware damage check out the article at

  • AppleMessedUp

    Do apple test the consumer version of their devices before releasing them? This is sort of disappointing.

  • Guest

    article: descent. but honestly you need to take your picture off of here. It removes any shred of credibility you had.