Google Nexus One finally getting an official Froyo OTA update?

Although the Nexus One was launched last week in Korea with Froyo onboard, most Nexus owners still don’t have the official version of Android 2.2 (there were only early builds like FRF50 and FRF72).

However, now, since Google has released Android 2.2 to partners, it looks like the final build of Froyo (FRF83) is being pushed to Nexus One users, as an over the air update.

Android and Me is reporting that updates started last night. You can also download the update from Google (.zip file), although this works only for users who currently have the FRF50 build installed.

In case you don’t know yet, you can manually check for updates on your Nexus One: go to Settings > About phone > System updates. So, any luck so far?

Author: Florin

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  • slampigz

    had frf72, downloaded frf83 from google, installed, money. Still looking for changes…..

  • Tomasso

    No update as of 7:46 PDT on T-Mobile

  • Greg

    No Luck yet.

  • Anaeem

    no luck yet.

  • jack

    I think google is taking us for a ride again

  • Spain_boi

    I think you don't know what you are talking about.

  • VelenoX

    A lot of tech news websites are stating that the Froyo over the air update for the nexus one started. This is funny because the over the air update for the nexus one or other phones never started. It's funny, but all you can find are the leaked rom (frf72/frf83) for the T-Mobile phones.
    There is a request on Google's support page with over 2000 messages asking for clarification, but Google is just ignoring the users request:
    Furthermore looks like the update for the AT&T version will not be available untill the end of this year.
    I don't know what's happened, but this is like a huge hoax, i think that people reporting OTA update owns a holiday phone, while other are just installing the leaked rom.
    I can't understand why all the tech site are reporting the false news that the OTA update for android 2.2 started, it's like every site is reporting the false news of other sites without verifying the authenticity of the news.

  • zenrag

    The update is not true and google is providing ZERO feedback.

    It appears that they don't care about their customers. ZERO customer service

  • Paladin

    Personally, i can't decide what annoys me more: Google offering preferential updates to journalists while failing to post at least a vague date for when the rest of us dumb buyers – the ones that actually paid for their phones, especially those with AT&T modems – might get the update, or the journalists, that get the said update and just assume, without any research whatsoever, that everybody had the update, let's move on to the next one.

    And someone at google just closed that thread. It was a really big spamfest, true, but at least i could go there and scan for any answers by someone at Google.