It’s official: Nokia N8 will be the last Symbian Nseries handset. MeeGo is the future

Yesterday, when hearing about Nokia’s alleged plans to stop using Symbian in its Nseries smartphones, we were a bit skeptical. It turns out that we shouldn’t have been.

Nokia has confirmed to Reuters that the N8 will, indeed, be the last Nseries device to run Symbian. All future Nseries devices (most likely starting with the rumored Nokia N9) will use MeeGo – the new software platform developed by the Finnish company in collaboration with Intel.

Symbian^3, Symbian^4 and future versions will still be used on Xseries, Eseries and some Cseries devices.

In the last few years, Symbian has lost market share to Apple, BlackBerry, and – more recently – Android. Of course, the global smartphone market is growing at fast paces, so there’s room for lots of platforms.

Like Android, MeeGo is based on Linux, and since Nokia bets on it for its upcoming Nseries smartphones (most, if not all of which will be high-end), we should expect it to offer a great user experience.

The first Nokia MeeGo smartphones should be out in late 2010 / early 2011. I hope they won’t disappoint.

Author: Florin

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  • Jaxx89

    So finally Nokia decides to ditch the age old OS and move further to something new.
    Hope they get it right tho.

  • Brjodo

    Nokia makes great handsets. If they are prepared to abandon Symbian which I think is appropriate in that the market has spoken and Symbian developers are leaving in droves, than why be spoil sports and fragment the open source Linux market by trying to promote Megoo rather than doing the right thing and supporting Android. The world doesn't need another open source Linux OS for mobile devices we already have one and Nokia would be smart to start offering handsets running on Android. Hasn't Intel already ported Android to their Atom processor anyhow? Microsoft does the OS for computer and Android does the one for mobile devices. Apple which will continue to be tremendously successful and profitable as a company but within two years Android will be the Windows of mobile so why does Nokia keep hurting itself?

  • Salleh

    so, is it wise choice to buy nokia N8 now. I am planning to buy it soon…very-very soon. now I am a bit skeptical.