Nokia N9 (or rather N8-01) photos leaked – no sign of MeeGo

Some guys over at Negri Electronics claim to have some hands-on photos of the Nokia N9 – which should be the Finnish company’s first MeeGo device, and the second Nseries smartphone to run something else than Symbian (after the N900).

While the device seen in the leaked photos is most likely real, and most likely made by Nokia, the chances for it to be the N9 are really slim – because the UI that it shows off is a Symbian UI (probably Symbian^3).

Check out the photos for yourself:

This is an Nseries handset for sure – it says “model: N00”. So what device is it? Well, Eldar Murtazin says it’s probably the Nokia N8-01, so it’s just a QWERTY version of the N8 (by now, you should be familiar with Nokia’s new way of naming phones: C1-00, C1-01, C1-02 etc).

Nokia has recently announced that the N8 would be the last Nseries Symbian smartphone, so it makes a lot of sense for this device to be the N8-01 – because it’s still an N8, right?

Reportedly, the unannounced handset features North American 3G (850 / 1900), and an 8MP camera with flash. No details regarding its availability yet – but if it’s the N8-01, as assumed, it could be announced pretty soon.

Update: In the top left corner of the second pic we can see C0 label on the device. So this might be the first C7 handset, which looks much better then another leaked Nokia C7 wannabe. This also looks very much like Nokia E7, leaked a few months ago. The way these names keep changing, we’ll have to wait for official announcement to know for sure.

Author: Florin

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  • Luke

    from what i understand its a C or E series phone…. indicated by the lack of multimedia focus (ie the average camera)

    it also looks plastic not metal like the n8 so its probably a higher end C… oh and oh the body of the phone it says C0

    the reason it says N00 in the firmware is they probably loaded on a build of the n8 firmware for early testing of the hardware…

    its surprising how when one uninformed article appears on the net, how many other 'news” sites just cut and paste without doing any research…

  • Sjobs

    That's a cool looking phone! I wonder when that will be available in stores?

  • TheOneLaw

    And there is some COSMIC LAW which states they are
    not permitted to test the Symbian OS on a device slated to run a linux OS ?

  • Staska

    Thank's for pointing to that C0 label, haven't noticed it on smaller pics.