Verizon allowing Droid Incredible pre-orders to be changed into Moto Droid X pre-orders?

The HTC Droid Incredible has been suffering from supply shortages since the very first day it was released. The reason for this is not only the high demand, but also the fact that Samsung can’t produce enough AMOLED displays for HTC.

The display problem might be solved soon (with HTC turning to Sony and its Super LCD displays), but things still don’t look good for HTC .

According to AndroidGuys, Verizon now allows customers who pre-ordered a Droid Incredible to “cancel their order and get the Motorola Droid X instead.” Of course, the Droid X is not yet available, so you’ll still have to wait until July 15 to have it – but that’s sooner than the date you’ll be getting the Droid Incredible (which “will be shipped by July 26”).

AndroidGuys also suggests the Droid Incredible might be phased out (like the Droid Eris), but I really don’t think this will happen – after all, that’s why HTC is ditching Samsung’s displays in favor of Sony’s, to make sure it can ship all its high-end smartphones (even if this won’t happen too soon).

Anyway, in case you’ve pre-ordered the Droid Incredible and Verizon didn’t send it yet, you may want to check with the carrier and see if you can change the order and get a Droid X instead. The phones’ prices don’t differ ($200 on contract), and both are great devices.

With the Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S) also coming soon to Verizon, the future looks rather bleak for HTC right now (at least when it comes to its partnership with this particular carrier, which happens to be the largest in the US).

Author: Florin

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  • iphone eater

    and Verizon does this HTC will NEVER make them a special phone again

  • Staska

    Not really. It's not Verizon's problem HTC can't make enough Droid
    Incredibles, forcing customers to wait a month for the phones to be

    How many of those waiting customers already cancelled and went AT&T iPhone,
    Sprint EVO 4G or something else?

    And, with Verizon's customer base, HTC will take whatever Verizon gives

  • Asmith580

    I just called verizon's customer service, not only did they not really know too much about the htc incredible being delayed, nor the reasons why, but when I asked about verizon allowing its customer's to switch from an incredible to the x, they didnt know that information off hand and they had me hold forever to find out about it. eventually they confirmed that you could in fact switch, you need to fill out a form to stop the payment you made towards the incredible and then put it towards the x. just wanted to pass this along.

  • Undroid-sided

    Has anyone done a detailed head to head comparison betweeen the Incredible and the X? If so please provide a link.