Verizon’s ZTE F350 hits the FCC

ZTE F350, the first phone made by the Chinese company for Verizon Wireless, has just been approved by the FCC – which means it’s probably coming soon to a Verizon store near you.

Unlike the Droid X or the Samsung Fascinate, the F350 doesn’t run Android, and it’s not even a smartphone.

It’s just an entry-level slider with a QVGA display, VZ Navigator, Bluetooth, email. 1.3MP camera, and a battery that should last up to 240 minutes in talk-time mode, or up to 220 hours in stand-by.

Verizon will likely sell the ZTE 350 for next to nothing on contract. The phone might be launched at about the same time with the Pantech Jest and Samsung Haven.


Author: Florin

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