Nokia S^3 QWERTY slider (NOT N9!) video shows up

The guys at the Negri Electronics are making good on their promise to release more info on the Symbian^3 QWERTY slider they’ve got their hands on.

I just wish they stopped calling it N9 and confusing a hell of a lot people about it. Hey Negri guys, the thing you are showing us IS NOT NOKIA N9! And by now, you look mightily stupid insisting that it is (read at least some of a ton of blogs, that linked to your original story, will you).

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, we can get back to this Nokia slider. Here’s a new video posted by Negri tonight:

Except for the overall live looks, there’s not much new that we can learn from the video. The numbering label C0-00 can be seen much more clearly, which bodes well with the theory that this might be the new Nokia C7 series handset. On the other hand, some people are telling me that early prototypes other N and Eseries handsets were numbered with C0 too. So the actual name of this device is still pretty much unknown.

What we do learn from the video – is the Nokia’s internal device number RM-626, which usually goes with the FCC approval documents, when device is submitted for certification. I checked the FCC database, and it seems that  RM-626 hasn’t been submitted for FCC approval yet. Which means that the device is still a few months away from shipping.

That’s about it, though we do get a much better view of 8 megapixel camera, LED flash, Symbian 3 UI and browser in action.

And one more thought. Although they’ve removed the device IMEI number from the pics shown to us, Negri Electronics guys look pretty careless with various other number identifiers on the prototype handset. I have no idea how they’ve got their hands on this prototype, put the person who “lost” it, may soon be in a pretty big trouble with Nokia

Author: Julien

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  • Cluedo

    the back of this nokia n8 clearly shows the marking C0.00 so this could be the n9 once it has the aluminium casing…. orange n9 here

  • Staska

    Thank's for the N8 proto picture with C0-00 on the back. So this can indeed
    still be N8-01.

    But it is definetely not N9. N9 will run Meego OS, and this one is running

  • You

    Ill see if I can get the guys at Negri to waste more time reading blogs…then they can stop calling it an N9. Will that ease the anger?

  • Cluedo

    this early orange n8 has C0.00 printed on it

    plus this new “n9″ slider case is metal look at the silver around the edge of the volume button

  • Cluedo

    who cares what its called they could call it the giant fart,or “4 inch nokia slider just what i wanted.00″