AT&T to launch two Windows Phone 7 devices as soon as September?

AT&T was among the carriers that supported Windows Phone 7 right from the beginning, and it will certainly be among the first to launch a WP7 handset in the US.

Microsoft repeatedly mentioned that the world’s first WP7 devices would be out “in time for the 2010 holiday season”, but this might happen a bit sooner that everyone expects.

Engadget has a sheet showing the evidence of Windows Phone 7 devices coming to AT&T. And although said sheet is “being sent out for a July 24th store overhaul”, the actual launch of WP7 devices won’t happen until September (or even later).

Reportedly, AT&T will offer two Windows Phone 7 devices this year, which may come from LG (the company has already showcased the Panther) and Samsung. It’s Microsoft’s responsibility now to make sure that these devices have what it takes (software-wise) to stand next to the iPhone 4 or the Android-based Samsung Captivate.

Microsoft has recently pulled the plug on the Kin project, saying that there will be no more new Kin phones, while the folks who worked on the project will be integrated into the Windows Phone 7 team. This should speed things up a little bit, so WP7 might indeed come sooner than promised.

Author: Florin

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