HTC Droid Incredible shipments pushed back to August

Although Verizon will not phase out the HTC Droid Incredible, the smartphone’s shipping date is being continuously pushed back.

Right now, Verizon says the Incredible will be “shipped by August 3.” That’s way later than the launch date of Motorola Droid X – this means trouble for HTC, because Verizon allows users who pre-ordered the Incredible to get a Droid X instead. And, since the handsets have the same price ($200 on contract), I think lots of initial Incredible customers will eventually go for the Droid X.

As previously mentioned, HTC can’t make enough Droid Incredibles because Samsung can’t afford to sell AMOLED displays to other companies (including HTC), since it can barely produce them for its own phones (which, by the way, are wildly successful).

So HTC is ditching AMOLED for S-LCD displays – although this still does not guarantee that the Incredible won’t be further delayed. Well, at least there’s some good news for those who already have the smartphone: they will be able to enjoy HD video recording and hotspot capabilities soon.

Author: Florin

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  • iphone eater

    might as well phase it out now becasue it will be to old to sell lol

  • Abbeynormal42

    Yes, the shipping date is continuously pushed back, but the turnaround time for orders is consistently four weeks. You order one June 18, ship date is July 16. You order one July 6, ship date is August 3. I asked them about switching my order to the Droid X, but they told me I'd be getting the Incredible one day later than the X, and it wouldn't mean much to switch.