Samsung i8700 Cetus, Nokia E7, HTC Gold, Vision and Ace headed to the UK?

A bunch of unannounced smartphones from different manufacturers have appeared in a list of devices that are reportedly coming soon to the UK. We have three handsets from HTC, one from Nokia and one from Samsung.

According to Omio (the source of the mentioned list), HTC Vision and HTC Ace will be launched in the UK in October. We already know that the HTC Vision should feature a full QWERTY keyboard, Android, 3.7 inch WVGA display and 1GHz processor, but we know nothing regarding the HTC Ace (it’s probably another Android smartphone, though).

HTC Gold is expected to hit the UK in November, likely as the first Windows Mobile 7 device from the Taiwanese company. It should be packed with high-end features like a WVGA display, 1GHz processor, and a camera of at least 5MP. The Gold could be similar to the HTC Mondrian (the photo may not show the real device):

Also in November, UK customers should get a taste of the Nokia E7. We’re still not sure what the E7 looks like, but we’ve heard it’s got Symbian^3, a large 4 inch AMOLED tilting display and a sliding QWERTY keyboard (like that new Cseries / N8-01).

As for the unannounced Samsung device, this is called i8700 Cetus and it might be an Android smartphone with slightly fewer features than the Galaxy S handsets (i9000 and i9200). It could also be a Bada smartphone, but I doubt it, since all Bada handsets announced until now have model numbers that start with S (S8500, S5250, S5330).

Author: Florin

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