BlackBerry 9800 slider (AT&T), 9300 (T-Mobile) and 9670 clamshell in new videos

BlackBerry 9800, BlackBerry 9670 and BlackBerry 9300 are three of RIM’s unannounced smartphones that appeared until now in several leaked videos and photos.

Most of the previously published videos have been removed. However, thanks to Salomondrin, we now have new videos that show each of RIM’s upcoming devices.

The BlackBerry 9800 slider seen here is made for AT&T (which might also launch the Pearl 3G 9100). It runs BlackBerry OS 6.0 (obviously), and its sliding mechanism seems to be “awesome.” Check out the video, where the 9800 is compared to the Storm:

The BlackBerry 9670 clamshell runs OS 6.0, too. The device presented in the video below is an older version that has a 3.2MP camera – the new 9670 will come with a 5MP camera, 512MB ROM and 4GB of internal memory.

Finally, we have the BlackBerry 9300 (aka Kepler), which will come to T-Mobile in a purple version. The 9300 is the next-generation BlackBerry Curve, featuring 3G and Wi-Fi.

With all the leaked details on the 9800, 9300 and 9670, I believe RIM wants to announce them as soon as possible, so we might see these three new BlackBerries in official clothes later this month.

Author: Florin

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  • Trehman13

    T-Mobile USA for the 9300???