Froyo’s browser leaves the iOS 4 Safari in the dust when it comes to JavaScript

When Google announced Android 2.2 Froyo they did say that it would boast the world’s fastest mobile browser, a claim that was surely made easier to accomplish by the borrowing of the JavaScript rendering engine from its cousin, Google Chrome. And while we were hoping that it was true ever since, an actual comparison test between it and other leading browsers hasn’t happened.

Until now.

Here are the test results of two different JavaScript benchmark suites which pit the Android 2.2 browser against iOS 4’s Safari.

So, to sum things up, in the SunSpider batch of tests, Android’s browser is almost twice as fast as iOS’ Safari. While in Google’s own V8 test suite, it’s more than four times faster.

Naturally, JavaScript performance is not the only measure of speed in a browser, but for modern-day in-browser apps, it’s still the most important to consider.

Now, if we could just get that Froyo thing onto more devices… Are you listening, HTC, Samsung, Motorola?

Via Ars Technica

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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