Verizon Motorola Droid X arriving early for some customers?

Although the official launch date of the Motorola Droid X is July 15 (8 days from now), it looks like some few lucky Verizon subscribers are already receiving their new Droids.

Droid-life has some photos from one of these lucky customers who unboxed his Motorola Droid X received today in El Paso, Texas.

Droid-life is also reporting that another customer (apparently from Huntsville, AL) has also managed to get a Droid X.

These early Dorid X shipments may have something to do with the Twitter campaign that Veirzon and Motorola have launched not long ago (although that still doesn’t explain why exactly these few customers got their smartphones earlier).

The best thing you can do right now if you want a Droid X ahead of launch is to call you local Verizon rep – maybe you’ll get lucky.

Let’s hope we won’t see supply shortages after the new Moto Droid is released (like in the case of HTC’s Droid Incredible – by the way, if you’ve preordered an Incredible and didn’t receive it yet, you can opt for a Droid X instead).

Author: Florin

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  • Mommalou71

    I ordered an Incredible on the 13th of last month. Yesterday, I called Verizon, and they told me I would have to w8 for the Incredible to be delivered then refuse to sign for it (so it would be returned). Only then could I order a Droid X. Urghhhhhhhh! w8, w8, w8

  • Mike

    It makes sense to have a phone with such fanfare (versus the incredible) to be placed in the hands of customers early so they can look at potential quick fix issues if any before release date…granted it's only 8 days away and not much can be done in that amount of time for the masses of phones already sitting at the dock waiting for shipment…but in theory…that's why some get it first. I am almost inclined to wait until Aug AFTER android 2.2 comes out to get that software SHIPPED on my phone versus OTA update….

    Anyone else agree???

  • Mommalou71

    I would do the same thing, but I have an old VZ6800 that is falling apart and may not last until July 15, much less August. I have to have a new phone ASAP, so I guess I will have to take my chances with any potential problems and the OTA.

  • Guest

    I guess it just depends on who you talk to. I ordered my Incredible June 11th, it was scheduled to be delivered July 8th. I called July 1st and cancelled my Incredible order, was refunded the money, and while there is not a “pre-order” list for the DX, I was added to an “automatic order” list that will order my DX as soon as the clock strikes the 15th…we will see how that all plays out.