Android grows market share in the US by 44% in the last quarter, Samsung regains top OEM position

ComScore has just publicized its quarterly MobiLens, a report on the key trends in the U.S. mobile phone industry that focuses on the three months ending in May.

The top smartphone platforms, by usage, remain the same, but at this rate of growth, Android is set to overtake Windows Mobile (yes, you read that right) in the next quarter. They’re very close right now, with just .2% of separation.

Android also registers the biggest growth quarter-to-quarter of any of the indicators that MobiLens watches, going up in market share from 9% and the end of February to 13% at the end of May, a whopping 44% gain.

And this is one trend which is guaranteed to continue, especially since more and more Android smartphones are set to be available on all US carriers in the near future.

In spite of a .4% loss of market share, RIM’s BlackBerry remains, by far, the dominant platform in the US. It’s followed, from afar, by Apple, also encountering a small loss of 1%, but keep in mind that the iPhone 4 was released in June, so the next quarter will surely yield some growth for them.

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In the device manufacturers chart, it’s a three-horse race between Samsung, LG, and, perhaps rather surprisingly, Motorola.

Samsung grew 1% and LG fell .2% to get to their current standings, but in the long term, Samsung may have the upper hand here based on the sheer number of smartphone launches that they have coming up.

Motorola may owe their current position more to featurephones than anything else at this point, save for the Droid, but they too still have a lot of smartphone tricks up their sleeves ready for the remainder of this year, so may at least hold a steady third place, if not go up.

It’s in a way all up to LG and whether or not they can counteract the smartphone invasion coming from both their rivals with featurephones, or will choose to respond in the same Android-y manner.

It can definitely only get more interesting from here.

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ComScore also found increases in SMS usage, mobile browser usage, app downloads, game playing, visits to social networking sites and blogs and music listening, all from mobile devices.

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All of these increases are to be expected, and the trend can only continue to be upward, especially as more and more people will be purchasing smartphones in the future.

Speaking of which, there were a total of 49.1 million smartphone users in the US in the quarter ending in May, a growth of 8.1% compared to the previous quarter.

Via ComScore

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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