HTC promises Windows Phone 7 from “day one”

Until last year, the platform of choice for HTC was, as everybody knows, Windows Mobile. Now, in 2010, things are completely different: HTC introduced lots of Android smartphones, and only one based on Microsoft’s mobile OS (the somewhat forgettable HTC HD Mini).

Of course, it’s mainly Microsoft’s fault for this, because it’s kind of late with launching the new Windows Phone 7 platform.

Naturally, HTC – alongside Samsung, LG, and a bunch of other companies – supported WP7 since the first day it was announced, and it later stated it would launch WP7 devices before the end of 2010 (two of them might be the HTC Mondrian and HTC Mozart).

We still don’t know when exactly HTC’s first Windows Phone 7 smartphone will be out. However, Eric Lin, the company’s global PR and online community manager, told Pocket-lint the following:

“I know that we’re working with Microsoft. I know that we have access to the OS, to the tools, so I have every reason to believe that we’re going to be there on day one”.

“Day one” certainly means the day the world’s first Windows Phone 7 devices will be launched. I’m inclined to think Samsung and LG will also be “there” on day one, so we’ll likely see at least three WP7 devices available at the same time. All this should happen sometime in the fourth quarter of 2010 – although September is also a possibility.

Since Windows Phone 7 comes with lots of restrictions (unlike Android or Brew), HTC won’t be able to use Sense UI on its WP7 devices. Even so, Eric Lin says:

“We can still add to the homescreen, so we can add our own tiles to that. It’s going to be a lot more adding than changing.”

Okay,  so HTC’s Windows Phone 7 handsets will be different from the ones of Samsung, LG and others not only hardware-wise, but also software-wise. And that has to be a good thing, right?

Author: Florin

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  • achalddave

    er… HD2 was also a win mo phone, and it was quite amazing.

  • Florin

    Yes, the HD2 is a WinMo phone, but although it was launched in the US this year, it's actually a device announced in 2009. In Europe it's available since November. So the HD Mini is the only new WM handset announced by HTC in 2010.