Google, Microsoft, Apple, HTC, LG and Motorola sued over wireless email patent infringement

A relatively unknown US-based company called NTP Incorporated announced that it has filed lawsuits against six huge names in the wireless industry: Google, Microsoft, Apple, HTC, LG and Motorola.

NTP claims that eight of its patents “related to the delivery of electronic mail over wireless communications systems” have been infringed by the companies mentioned above.

Back in 2000, NTP sued BlackBerry maker RIM (also over wireless email patents infringement) and eventually won the case. In 2006, RIM paid $612.5 million to NTP.

Since “all the claims asserted” in the trial with RIM were found valid, it’s quite possible that at least some of the newly-sued companies will have to pay nice money to NTP – although litigations may last for years.

NTP was founded in 1992 by Thomas Campana, Jr (“the inventor of wireless email”) and currently holds no less than 50 US patents.

Via Press release, Engadget

Author: Florin

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  • LMG

    NTP is basically a company of lawyers who go around and patent anything and everything they can and then sit back and wait for someone to sue for their big pay day.

  • Staska

    Yeah, and ain't this a motherf%^&*n system, that allows you to get to get
    $700 mil from RIM and then go for everyone else.

    Unless you fix this shit, you, Americans, are so screwed…