iOS developer earns $1,400 in one day thanks to iAds

Announced by Apple in April this year and available as of this month, iAd (the brand new ad platform for iPhone, iPod and iPad) is already making developers happy.

One iOS developer (Jason Ting) says he made $1,372.20 in a single day with iAd.

He developed an iPhone 4 app that turns the handset’s camera’s LED flash into a flashlight. The app has a free version that integrates iAds.

According to Jason Ting, the $1,372.20 was made on July 7, when he had 9,300 ad impressions, an 11.8% CTR (click-through rate), and an eCPM of $147.55.

Now, if we’re thinking that the average CTR that Google’s AdMob brings is somewhere around 2.5%, this is damn impressive. The explanation comes from the fact that iAd is new, and also really different from other mobile ad platforms. Once users will lose interest and develop ad blindness (like it has probably happened in the case of Google’s AdSense), eCPM and CTR will go down.

Brands like AT&T, Nissan, Best Buy, Citi, Unilever, Sears, Target and JC Penney are currently advertising through Apple’s iAds, and I’m sure many more will follow.

Apple takes 40% of the ad revenue, while developers get %60.

Via The Next Web, Business Insider

Author: Florin

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