Two preview Windows Phone 7 devices are out there

Wondering when the first devices running Windows Phone 7 will be in the wild?

Wonder no more. As it happens, Microsoft has already given away two ‘preview devices’ to the (very) lucky winners of a developer contest. And even did so taking the pair by surprise.

Team Beastware, as Eric Lo and Christian Hood call themselves, have won an Imagine Cup contest for best Windows Phone 7 application, and an already hefty prize to go with it.

The surprise added bonus consisting in the two phones was apparently awarded to the duo because of the creative way in which they built their applications for Microsoft’s upcoming mobile operating system.

Their winning entry was a 2D game, called Droid Assault (is it just me, or is that name funny in context of Microsoft’s competition in the mobile space?), which they had developed using only emulators.

I guess they’ll be able to test, optimize and debug an order of magnitude better now.

Oh, and yeah, also brag to all their peers.

They won’t be the only people that participated in the contest to get Windows Phone 7 devices, just the first. In fact, all the competitors in this year’s finals will get one as soon as the OS is officially released and phones start shipping.

Happy, happy developers!

As for the rest of the world, we’re still months away from touching any kind of hardware running the new OS.

Via GigaOm

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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