Rumored 7-inch BlackBerry tablet to have 1 GHz CPU, 2 cameras

Ashok Kumar, an analyst working for Rodman & Renshaw, has started a rumor about a supposed BlackBerry tablet.

It would apparently ship before the end of the year, even though it was originally planned for the beginning of 2011, and feature a 1 GHz processor made by Marvell, 7 inches of screen real estate and 2 cameras – one on the back, and one front-facing, to enable video-conferencing. Which is interesting, since one of the biggest omissions of the iPad is exactly that.

Perhaps a minor differentiating factor, but one that could quickly become important for many use-cases, especially in corporate environments.

Marvell’s Armada 610 could be the 1GHz chip under the hood, in which case RIM’s tablet would also boast full-HD 1080p video playback capabilities and advanced 3D graphics.

Do keep in mind that this is all speculation at this point, RIM hasn’t confirmed any of it, so, as with the iPad, many more months or even years could go by before we actually see such a product, if there ever will be one.

That said, we do know many Android tablets are on the way. Very few have launched until now, because of the maximum resolution cap to 854 x 480 in Android versions up to the current 2.2. With 3.0, due out before the end of the year though, that may change, so we’ll actually see mainstream tablets based on Google’s OS.

Then there’s MeeGo, and its tablet UI to be finalized also, you guessed it, sometime in Q4, so the tablet space seems to really be heating up if RIM decides to step in too.

As always, competition can only result in better products overall, so let’s hope these rumors are true.

Via CNet

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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