Consumer Reports’ engineers confirm iPhone 4 reception issue, suggest duct tape as quick fix

Oh, the “brilliant design” of the antennas in the iPhone 4…

Long story short: if you touch a spot on the phone’s lower left side, the signal can instantly degrade, which may cause dropped calls and bad data transfer performance. Apple have acknowledged that there is a problem, but blame everything on the formula they used to calculate how many signal bars are shown on the iPhone’s screen.

And now, Consumer Reports had their engineers test three different iPhone 4s (purchased from three different retailers, to avoid the same batch) in a controlled environment radio frequency isolation chamber. In this room, which allows no outside radio waves in, they connected the iPhones to a device that simulates carrier cell towers.

Their findings are exactly the same as everyone else’s (except Apple, of course). Reception instantly becomes weaker by about 20 dB when the lower left side of the phone is touched. This was reproduced on all three iPhones they tested, but is not an issue that the iPhone 3GS or the Palm Pre are facing.

The guys at Consumer Reports also suggest a quick fix for the issue: the use of duct tape, or any other thick, non-conductive material to cover the antenna gap.

Naturally though, this will make an otherwise stunningly-looking iPhone 4 lose some of its visual appeal. But unless Apple reevaluate their position and decide to issue some kind of a fix themselves, you’re stuck with duct tape, or using a case, if you want to have the best possible reception.

Via Consumer Reports

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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