Limited stock of Motorola Droid X available at launch?

Some Verizon customers are receiving their Droid X smartphones earlier, but, despite this, things may not be too great on launch day (July 15 – this Thursday).

According to Droid-life, Droid X inventory could be limited at launch.

Reportedly, although some Verizon stores across the US will get around 60 Droid X units, others will have as low as 5 (five) new Droids on sale.

I’ve looked on the leaked screenshots seen below, and it seems that, on average, there will be less than 30 Droid X units per store. That’s not so terrible, actually, but it will probably not be enough, since there are likely throngs of Verizon customers who are waiting to buy the Droid X (not only because it’s an awesome Android smartphone, but also because the HTC Droid Incredible is still delayed).

Of course, we can’t confirm the limited availability of the Droid X at launch. It might be just a trick that Verizon is pulling off to make users buy the handset quickly. We’ll see on Thursday.

Author: Florin

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