Another Source Confirms Blackberry Tablet, Throws in Flash For Good Measure

There are so many rumors circulating about an upcoming Blackberry tablet made by Research in Motion that it would be more of a surprise if one didn’t show up by early 2011. RIM still is keeping very hush-hush about the mystical competitor to Apple’s iPad, but more and more sources are stepping out of the woodwork to confirm the tablet and leak specs for it.

Tonight’s rumor is from Betanews, claiming another source close to RIM has confirmed not only all of the specs announced by Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar on Friday (7″ screen size, 1 GHz Marvell processor and dual cameras for videoconferencing), but also added that the tablet will offer Flash 10.1 support out of the box.

With Adobe’s CEO having already announced Flash 10.1 for Blackberry OS by second half 2010, this new rumor seems to fit rather well. And as if Flash by itself isn’t enough to entice any potential iPad buyers, the tablet will also throw in a hardware-based Flash accelerator with it.

While Kumar mentioned the Blackberry Tablet would be available in time for the holiday season this year, Betanews’ source could not confirm the same information.

Can Blackberry compete with Apple? While Blackberry OS still holds more market share in the mobile space, it’s a completely different ballgame in the tablet world, and RIM will have to throw in enough extra goodies to entice would-be iPad buyers to put their hard-earned hundies into RIM’s hands instead.

via Betanews

Author: Brad Molen

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