AT&T’s Samsung Captivate and T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant can now be rooted

The Samsung Galaxy S is one smartphone sold in many different versions across the world.

There’s an international one, one for Korea, and one for each of the main US carriers.

Well, two more can now be rooted.

Following in the footsteps of Samsung Galaxy Spica-hacking legend LeshaK, who had released the first root for the international version of the Galaxy S, enterprising individuals from (where else?) XDA Developers have made the (few) necessary modifications to LeshaK’s root process to render it very much usable on AT&T’s Samsung Captivate and T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant, their respective Galaxy S versions.

Follow this forum thread for instructions and feedback.

Now since all it took to port the root from the international Galaxy S to the Vibrant and Captivate was, reportedly, just a small modification of the original script, expect Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate to get root very soon after it’s launched.

These phones basically share most of their hardware, with just the looks being different.

It may or may not be another story with Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G, their Galaxy S, which, unlike any other variation of this phone, has a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. Now that may make things more difficult. Or it may not, we’ll have to wait for its release and see.

Anyway, it seems like no Android-powered smartphone can escape rooting one way or the other, so the news is all good for the tinkering-addicted souls out there.

Via Android and Me

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Eric

    This is great news. Am looking forward to picking one up now that it has root. I'd be too bored with this phone if I can't be flashing ROMs all day! lol