Death grip hits Apple stock price and Apple support forum threads. iPhone 4 recall possible?

Steve Jobs has to know by now that this story won’t die until Apple comes up with an actual fix for the well-documented iPhone 4 reception issue.

That’s doing a bit more than just stating that, all these years, they’ve been displaying signal strength based on a flawed formula.

Some PR experts now predict a massive iPhone 4 recall. They predict it, of course, from their point of view. Remember, these are PR people. From a PR perspective, yes, a recall makes the most sense. In a ‘crisis’ situation like this, you have to move fast and ‘own’ the agenda, set the tone for what is being discussed.

However, this mainly means that Apple has to do something. Which may or may not be a recall.

They could decide to make the iPhone 4 bumper cases $9.99, $5, or even free as an alternative. Of course, this isn’t an actual solution for the antenna design flaw, it just covers up the problem (literally).

But it may prove to be a cheaper way of getting a positive effect on public opinion than a full-blown product recall.

This is Apple after all, one of the most trusted brands in the world. And it may just be that the public needs a bit of reassurance from them, in whatever form possible.

In related news, Apple’s stocks have been hit today by the “Consumer Reports effect”, and were down 4.2%, while the rest of the tech industry was mostly up.

This may be just a one-day event, as some analysts expect it to be. After all, stock prices do vary.

Or it may start a trend, in which case Apple really will take this whole ‘death grip’ issue a lot more seriously.

Also, some sort of official explanation for the vanishing Apple support forum threads about the Consumer Reports findings may be needed.

Initially, there was widespread belief that each and every single one of the threads referencing or discussing the Consumer Reports news was being deleted without warning. At this time it does appear that at least two threads are alive and well, so what’s going on?

Was it a single forum admin who decided he couldn’t handle the truth? Was it a company policy which later got switched because of the backlash?

This story just gets more interesting by the day.

Your move, Apple.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • FlapWings

    “Also, some sort of official explanation for the vanishing Apple support forum threads about the Consumer Reports findings may be needed.”

    The explanation is that there are multiple threads on the subject already. Why are all these people creating new ones?

    Threads are vanishing because people are too lazy to just post in the threads that already exist.

  • andref1989

    Lol….you keep telling yourself that

  • FlapWings

    What on earth are you talking about?

    Fact: There are several active and open threads on the subject.

    Fact: Apple just cleaned up the spam threads made by morons who are too stupid to find an existing thread.