Samsung Wave sold in more than 1 million units. Galaxy S sales still strong in Korea

Launched globally last month, the Samsung Wave S8500 has reached sales of more than 1 million units (in about 4 weeks).

The announcement was made on Twitter by Justin Hong (Bada OS project leader and architect).

The Wave is Samsung’s first Bada smartphone and, although it’s a high-end device, it has a really attractive price (some carriers, like Telus in Canada, are offering it for just under $300 free of contract).

Another high-end Samsung smartphone released last month, the Android-based Galaxy S, is also seeing strong sales. In South Korea, more than 300,000 units have been shipped until now (19 days after launch, and 9 days after the 200,000 units sold milestone was reached).

Like the Wave, the Galaxy S is coming to North America, too (in various versions), so I think Samsung will significantly increase its smartphone market share by the end of 2010.

Via Samsung Hub

Author: Florin

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