UK study: only 10% of smartphone owners expect to buy a new Nokia (41% want an iPhone)

YouGov, one of the leading market research firms in the UK, has recently published a study called Smartphone Mobile Internet Experience, which shows that customer’s trust in the Nokia brand continues to decline.

YouGov conducted the study last month (likely in the UK) on 2,121 smartphone users.

When asked what smartphone they would consider buying next, 56% of the respondents said: Apple iPhone. 34% said they’d consider a Nokia, 31% a BlackBerry, and 28% an HTC.

The percent of users that would have considered a Nokia in December last year was 46%. A 12% drop in only six months should be worrying, right?

What’s even worse for Nokia: only 10% of the study participants expect to actually buy a new Nokia smartphone (compared to 19% in December 2009), while 41% expect to buy an iPhone.

Full details below:

You see, Nokia, that’s what you get for sticking with the old Symbian UI for so long and for launching devices like the N97. Now, MeeGo seems to be capable of fighting with iPhone OS and Android, so make sure you don’t screw up.

Via YouGov, MobileToday

Author: Florin

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  • Kev

    Sorry, am I reading th iphone view as opposed to unwired view?

  • vijay v

    go iphone, even if there is no reception, so what ? we can do multi touch until we get a fix.