Verizon: don’t worry, we’ll likely have enough Droid X phones for everyone at launch

The Motorola Droid X is going to be available at Verizon in two days from now, starting July 15, and we’ve been hearing some rumors implying that initial stock might be limited.

Since there is already a precedent for this (with the HTC Droid Incredible being quickly sold out), lots of Verizon customers are probably afraid they won’t be able to buy the new Droid X anytime soon.

Well, we have good news. Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney has told Cnet the following:

“At present, we feel that we have done everything possible to ensure we have inventory to meet customer needs around the Droid X – the proof will be in the execution on July 15.”

So the carrier is quite confident that it will meet customer demand. After all, why would there be shortages when it comes to the Droid X? Unlike the Droid Incredible, it doesn’t feature an AMOLED display (which is the main cause of the Incredible’s current unavailability), and I don’t think it has any other components that are rare or hard to manufacture. Plus, both Verizon and Motorola already know that demand will be huge, and they surely don’t want to miss the chance of selling as many Droid X units as possible.

Author: Florin

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  • asad47

    Mr.Chlorine, It's CNN not Cnet….

  • Staska

    Well, it's actually CNet, not CNN. CNN only syndicated the article from Cnet. (And sorry, the link was broken, fixed that in the article now)

  • etchi

    is the droid x a gsm phone?

  • Florin

    No, the Droid X is not GSM. It's CDMA EVDO only.