1 million Galaxy S phones already sold, Samsung wants to sell 9 million more

Samsung’s first two smartphones to feature Super AMOLED displays, the Wave S8600 and the Galaxy S, are both hot sellers. We’ve already reported that sales of Bada-based Wave have surpassed 1 million units globally, and now we’re hearing that the Galaxy S has also passed this milestone.

That’s not at all unexpected, since 300,000 Galaxy S units were sold only in South Korea (in less than three weeks since launch).

What’s more, Samsung wants to ship 10 million Galaxy S handsets in total around the world. This seems like an achievable goal, since the new smartphone will be available in 110 countries – including the US, as Verizon’s Fascinate, AT&T’s Captivate, and T-Mobile’s Vibrant (and we can probably include Sprint’s Epic 4G here, too).

Currently running Android 2.1, the Samsung Galaxy S will be updated to 2.2 Froyo later this year (apparently starting August).

And just in case you’re wondering, an unlocked Galaxy S (GSM version) costs you around $600 – eBay and Amazon currently have it.

Via Fortune

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