Apple may have started an iPhone 4 “silent recall”. Or not.

Oh look, it’s this story again.

And we may or may not have new developments.

It goes like this. Some people that had their iPhones replaced for various reasons claim that the replacement iPhones they got don’t have the infamous death grip issue.

But Apple still hasn’t uttered word one about a possible recall, or about the Consumer Reports fiasco. Hence the phrase “silent recall”.

It may be that, to avoid massive lines outside Apple stores and partner care centers, they’ve decided to have a cautious approach.

So, if you have an issue with your iPhone (but not the antenna flaw, as from Apple’s point of view that’s still just a design choice) that makes you have to replace it, they’ll replace it with an iPhone that has a redesigned antenna and therefore won’t be dropping any more calls.

Or this could all just be wishful thinking.

Some people may so desperately need to believe that the antenna on their replacement iPhones is fixed, that they do.

Because other people do report that they’re still facing the exact same problem.

Could all of this just mean that the new iPhones some of these people are getting employ the new algorithm for calculating how many bars of signal the phone shows?

Has Apple really, at some point in the past, decided that the death grip is important enough to warrant a slight redesign of the phone? I mean, if they are handing out fixed handsets now, this had to happen a good while ago. It takes time to redesign these things, and even more time to ramp up production of a redesigned model.

Make of this what you want (or need). If it’s real, more details are sure to come very soon.

Via Gizmodo

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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