Facebook Like buttons coming to mobile apps

Know those Facebook Like buttons that seem to show up everywhere you go online? Well, get ready to see them in mobile apps as well.

At an event called MobileBeat 2010, Facebook’s head of mobile products (and a former product manager of the Google Nexus One), Eric Tseng, has announced that Facebook’s Open Graph, the secret sauce behind those Like buttons, will be made available for mobile.

What this effectively means is that Facebook’s social tools, most famous of which is the Like button, will presumably show up in mobile apps that don’t already have their own social networking tools.

There isn’t a specific time-frame for roll-out yet, but the required updates to Facebook’s kits for iPhone and Android developers are expected soon.

They’ve also released some impressive stats regarding their own mobile applications, which went from 100 million active users in February to 150 million right now.

Facebook’s plans for the future include a mobile-only experience, whereby a new user will be able to sign up for the service without ever touching a computer. This will obviously play a big role in Facebook’s expansion into developing markets such as India, where the number of cell phones in service is much, much higher than that of computers.

Also, for the time being, there are no plans to bring ads to the Facebook mobile clients.

Nothing particularly earth-shattering here, but a renewed focus on mobile as the dominant platform of the future can clearly be read between the lines.

Doesn’t seem like Facebook will be going away any time soon.

Via CNet and IntoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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