Google Nexus One will finally get FM radio, if developers decide to include it in custom ROMs

Google clearly doesn’t care about the integrated, but not-software-supported FM radio in the Nexus One. They’ve made that very clear during Google I/O this year, and let it all in the hands of the developer community.

Months later, user intersectRaven over on XDA Developers has finally cracked it and made available a kernel that includes this much-sought after (?) functionality that may now bring the Nexus One fully on par with its twin, the HTC Desire.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can go and install a custom ROM that has this support built-in.

Not yet, at least.

It’s up to individual ROM developers to include this kernel in their works, so you need to wait for your favorite development team to implement it.

I’m betting it won’t be long before we see a ROM with FM radio support, or even many.

In fact, known developer Paul O’Brien, of Modaco fame, has announced that he’s already working on the next version of his Sense UI port to the Nexus One, which will include the FM radio support.

Just have a bit more patience, FM radio fanatics. I mean, you’ve had so much already, surely you can spare some more.

Via Android Police

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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