Official Microsoft Bing app for Android in the making

If for some reason you want an alternative to Google’s search and other services that come with your Android phone, Microsoft will soon have something for you: an official Bing app for Android.

As Cnet reports, the company confirmed that it’s working on Bing for Android, and PCMag says the app will be launched in the next six weeks.

Apparently, Bing will be enhanced with new mapping and TV listing features, but it’s not clear if there are plans for these to be included in the mobile app.

Microsoft has already brought Bing to Windows Mobile (duh), iPhone, BlackBerry and Brew, and it will preinstall it on all Windows Phone 7 devices.

Note that what you see above is not what the actual Bing app for Android will look like (though it’s probably pretty close).

Via PhoneArena

Author: Florin

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