Android Market “only” has 70,000 apps, daily Android device activations still at around 160,000

Well, it may appear that AndroLib was way too enthusiastic about estimating the total number of apps in the Android Market. They expected the 100,000 threshold to be crossed this month.

That now seems rather unlikely, in light of information made available by Google during their Q2 earnings conference call.

The Android Market officially has 70,000 apps in it, and while that number will probably grow until the end of July, I can’t see it skyrocketing to 100,000 in such a short period of time.

Still, that’s a lot of apps.

Sure, the iPhone App Store still has a lot more apps in it, but does that really matter?

Can you really browse through even 70,000 apps in… your lifetime? If you could, would you?

In theory, there may be a higher probability of finding more quality apps as the total number of apps increases… but it is just a theory.

Anyway, it looks like it may take a lot longer than previously expected for the Android Market to catch up with Apple’s App Store in total number of apps.

Next up, daily activations of Android-based devices held steady at about 160,000. That’s a rate of 4.8 million devices per month, or 57.6 million per year, if it remains at the same level.

And it has no reasons not to, what with all the upcoming new handset launches.

It may even grow, but the key thing to remember here is that it hasn’t grown since Google last reported on it.

Which may all be the fault of Q2, historically the worst quarter of any year for phone sales (Apple excepted, because of their unique release cycle).

We’ll have to wait for the next quarter to find out.

Via Staska

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Sandeep

    just wanted to know, if the figure of 160K per day is for 2nd quarter or current rate ? Lot of android phones have been released since they mentioned the release of 160K per day. If I were google, I would be worried if numbers have not increased since then

  • Staska

    “We are activating over 160K devices a day” – that's what they said