Apple engineer warned Jobs about iPhone 4 antenna problems

It did seem a little strange that no one inside Apple figured out that there were going to be reception issues before the iPhone 4 was launched. I mean, these things are tested, tested some more, and then re-tested for every conceivable scenario before the final design gets sent to the manufacturers.

And sure, Apple is famously a tight-lipped company, but the idea that this design flaw just ‘slipped’ through testing was a bit too much.

Turns out, someone did figure it out. Way before shipping started, very early in the design phase.

An Apple insider now claims that Ruben Caballero, a senior engineer and antenna expert for Apple, warned Steve Jobs that if the design remains the same, there will be serious reception problems.

Moreover, a carrier partner also identified the issue before the June 24 launch and voiced concerns to Apple.

How Apple decided to treat these complaints is obvious.

And now they’ve got a big fat scandal to deal with.

Which they will or will not put an end to with whatever it is they are announcing in tomorrow’s press conference.

The plot thickens.

This is, in a way, good news. Let me explain. It’s good to know that in a company as big as Apple, such easy-to-spot design mistakes did not, in fact, go unnoticed. That the CEO and the board decided not to care about them is, of course, another matter.

Via Bloomberg

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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