Apple will hold an iPhone 4 press conference on Friday


Apple decided a press conference regarding the iPhone 4 is necessary. It will happen on Friday starting at 10 AM Pacific Time.

There are no more details on what will be discussed.

But we can easily guess.

This has to be about the iPhone 4’s reception issues. Otherwise, the backlash against Apple for not doing anything about that will reach incredible levels.

Now, whether or not they’ll stick to saying it was all a mis-calculation of how they show the signal bars remains to be seen.

If they do admit there is a hardware problem, there’s also the question of how they’ll address that.

Will it just be free bumpers for everyone, or something way more serious, like a recall?

Will they perhaps confirm that they’ve started a silent recall of iPhone 4s?

I’m hopeful that we’ll find everything out on Friday.

Stay tuned (as Steve Jobs would say).

Via The Loop

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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