Apple’s got a hardware fix to iPhone 4 antenna problem

Aren’t you a bit tired by now of all the hoopla about iPhone 4 antenna problems?

Me? No way. It’s a real fun to watch Apple’s arrogance taken down a notch, but this antenna debacle.

It was fun even when only us, tech geeks, were talking about it. And when Apple had the gall to try to blame us for holding it wrong way, or dupe us with a story about how the only problem iPhone 4 had was the faulty bar counting formula

Now that this iPhone 4 antenna fiasco exploded into the mainstream, is all over late night comedy shows, and grandmas are calling their kids to inquire about the reception on their iPhone, Apple is better to come up with a fix. Pronto.

We will know for sure of whether they have it or not tomorrow, when Apple has a surprise iPhone 4 press conference. But it looks like they do have a hardware fix for iPhone 4 antenna issues in the works.

At least that’s what Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar is telling us. According to his contacts at iPhone manufacturing partners:

Apple has created “a design fix for the iPhone 4 that more adequately insulates the transceiver”…Apple has told its manufacturers to alter the iPhone production process to include an internal component that will insulate the defective antenna connection that has disrupted the phone’s signal reception… This internal bumper will give Apple a non-cosmetic solution and will presumably avoid the need to change the appearance of the phone.

Woop-de-do. It’s really good to hear that you won’t have to hold your  iPhone 4 the right way, if you buy it later.

Now the question is what will Apple do with those millions of iPhone 4s that they already sold.

Total iPhone 4 recall doesn’t seem likely, and is not needed. But some gift vouchers and  free bumper offers to all current iPhone 4 owners will be a smart move. As will the free exchange/fix offer to those clients who feel unhappy enough to go through all the trouble.


Author: Julien

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  • Bradmolen

    I'm sure Apple will find a way to appease those who have already purchased the iphone. I remember when the first iphone came out and then dropped in price by $100 and there was a huge outrage from those who bought it at the premium price, so steve offered an apple store credit. As a result, steve was looked at as a hero by many. I have a feeling he's got something similar up his sleeves tomorrow at the press conference. If not a free bumper probably a apple store credit for people to buy a case.

  • safar

    lets hope its fixed by the time its in Canada!!