FaceTime is coming to the iPad and iPod Touch

Everyone wished that FaceTime would be available for more Apple products, not just the iPhone.

But no one really knew how such a system might work. After all, on the iPhone, FaceTime needs phone numbers to work. Which is all well and fine on phones, but what about devices that don’t have phone functionality built-in, such as the iPad and iPod Touch?

The answer is here. And it’s actually very simple.

You associate your device(s) with your Apple ID. And from that point on, people will be able to call you via FaceTime using your email address.

That’s it.

Apple will use the push notification system to deliver incoming FaceTime connection requests.

There are no details yet on how this will work if you attempt to initiate a FaceTime session from an iPad or iPod Touch to an iPhone, since right now it seems you’d still need to dial a phone number to do that, but we’re sure that all those details will come out just in time for the iOS 4.1 launch.

This obviously has the potential to make FaceTime much more used, and is a good second step in getting FaceTime wide acceptance. The next step should probably be some kind of client for computers, but we’ll have to see if Apple is willing to go that far, or will just keep FaceTime a mobile-only service.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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