HP kills Android Slate, relies only on WebOS for tablets?

This is the second HP Slate that gets canned.

But unlike the Slate that was supposed to run Windows, the Android Slate still may have a teeny, tiny chance of making its way into the market. At this point, it’s just certain that it won’t happen this year in Q4, as it was originally supposed to.

Although HP sort of left the door open for the Android Slate, what’s more likely is that it has actually been killed for good, and HP will (as anyone should have expected) focus its entire tablet efforts on WebOS.

After all, the operating system is the reason why they bought Palm. And while there’s still no talk of WebOS-powered HP smartphones, it’s been clear that at least one WebOS tablet is coming, if not a whole range of them.

It may now just be up to the software engineers to make sure that the operating system works well on a big-screened device. And since rumors indicate a fall release date for the WebOS tablet, there’s not much more waiting to be done before you’ll be able to get one.

Via AllThingsD

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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