HTC wants to sell 8.5 million devices in Q4, 6 new smartphones will help

HTC is apparently set to launch six new devices in the fourth quarter in the US and Europe. These launches may help it reach a sales target of 8.5 million for Q4.

As is usually the case with HTC leaks, some of the smartphones we keep hearing about (via leaked codenames, pictures or both) seem more and more real with every day that goes by.

So, the HTC Vision may be real and headed to Europe in October.

Whether or not the model that will ship will look anything like this previously leaked photo is unknown at this point.

A dual-core processor will be running the show on the Vision, and Android will be the chosen OS.

Also coming to Europe in Q4 will be the HTC Mondrian (or Mondrain), which will run Windows Phone 7. This may be the very first Windows Phone 7 device on the market, and previous reports indicated that it will have a 1.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Again, it may or may not look anything like this:

In the US, two smartphones are headed for T-Mobile, the Vanguard and the Emerald Android phones, as also previously shown by T-Mobile’s leaked roadmap. Apparently another smartphone, this time running Windows Phone 7, will also make its way to T-Mobile, though there’s no name or even codename yet.

And finally, AT&T will carry an HTC Windows Phone 7 device that will launch some time in November.

All good news and HTC clearly wants to be on track to reach 24 million devices sold this year, which, with all these launches, may be as attainable a goal as ever.

Via DigiTimes

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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