Motorola Droid X already selling out? Activation issues reported

Although Verizon said it has done everything possible to ensure there would be Droid X smartphones for everyone at launch, it looks like there are still not enough units to meet the demand.

BGR and PhoneArena are both reporting that most Verizon stores are starting to deplete their Droid X stock, with some being already sold out of the handset.

BGR also says that some Droid X owners have complained of activation issues. Apparently, their smartphones are activated only for voice services and not for data too. Anyone reading this having these sort of problems?

The Motorola Droid X was launched this morning for $199.99 on contract and, in case you don’t want to enter into a Verizon store to get it, you can order it online. Good luck.

Author: Florin

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  • Eric63071

    brand new droid in my hand and have been trying to find out why I can not gain access to my email accounts for nearly 4 hours now. been transferred from verizon to motorola multiple times and even the IT department of my web provider to try and figure out why this is happening. no answers yet.

  • Dpirie1996

    Each store was issued 40 units. Ran out by noon. Orders taken were promised delivery tomorrrow.

  • Marc

    I bought a new unit that was mailed to me and it would not come out of “airline mode” so it couldnt be activated. After two hours in the store today they refunded it and now want me to wait another two weeks for a new one! Not a good start