Verizon’s Motorola Droid and Devour to be discontinued soon?

With the Droid X having just been launched and the Droid 2 coming soon as well, it makes a fair amount of sense for the original Motorola Droid to be discontinued in the near future.

According to a leaked Verizon document appeared over at Droid Forums, it’s not only the Droid that’s nearing End of Life, but also the Motorola Devour (which wasn’t really popular since the very beginning).

The to-be-EOLed list also includes some non-Android devices: BlackBerry Tour 9630, Samsung Saga, Samsung Intensity, Samsung Smooth and Samsung Knack. These will be joining the HTC Droid Eris, which was discontinued last month.

We don’t know when exactly these devices will no longer be available. They are still up for grabs at the moment – a moment in which, unfortunately, the new Droid X is backordered: Verizon says it’ll ship it by July 23. So initial stock was limited, after all. Déjà vu?

Author: Florin

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