Want to buy a Nexus One from Google? Move fast.

About two months ago, Google announced that it will no longer be selling the Nexus One directly, through its specially-made online store.

And today we’re moving one step closer in that direction.

Google have received the very last batch of phones that they’re planning to sell, so if you wanted to buy a Nexus One directly, do it soon, otherwise there may not be any left.

The Nexus One will still be available in some markets via carrier partners, most important of which are Vodafone (that will still sell it in some European countries) and KT in South Korea.

The good news, if you’re a developer, is that there will be a special way to buy a Nexus One through a partner, after logging in to your Android Market Publisher account.

At least we have that.

Google may have said that they’ve reached their goal with this smartphone, that of challenging manufacturers to come up with extraordinary hardware to run Android on, but I still think that having a ‘flagship’ phone that doesn’t depend on various manufacturers for software updates, isn’t plagued by various alternative front-ends for Android and runs the OS ‘as Google intended it’ is a good idea.

But it’s not going to happen anymore.

Via Google

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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