Bharti Airtel will launch the iPhone 4 in India in September or October

During their press conference last week, Apple have announced that the iPhone 4 will begin shipping in 17 additional countries or territories before the end of July.

However, India was not on that list.

Vodafone has previously indicated that it will eventually bring the iPhone 4 to India, but there were no details on when and at what price.

Now Sanjay Kappor, Bharti Airtel’s CEO, has stepped in and announced that his company will be selling the iPhone 4 in September or October.

This expected release fits nicely with India’s upcoming 3G networks’ roll out, so you can be sure that you’ll have decent internet speeds even where you don’t get WiFi.

Since there was no announcement made about the iPhone 4’s pricing, we can only speculate at this point on whether or not it will be subsidized.

If it will be, the iPhone 4 has the potential to make serious inroads into the Indian market, one of the highest growing mobile markets on the planet.

If not, buying unlocked iPhones from Europe will probably still be the most widely used method to get Apple’s latest creation in India.

Via WSJ Via FoneArena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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